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    Highly comprehensive modules, helping our customer to bring their products time to market with the minimum engineering resources.

    BT 5 modules for IoT connectivity

    Comprehensive Bluetooth 5 modules with vary form factors. It comes with a default UART-Bluetooth tunneling firmware, allowing use to use it without even firmware development. SDK  and Mesh SDK are also available for developing customized firmware.

    Bluetooth audio module for wireless audio

    Comprehensive bluetooth audio module with ultra low latency, with high SNR audio output. Also supports multi-connection feature. Feature can be customized with firmware modification.

    Bluetooth with FPGA

    GWRF4 is a Bluetooth 5.0 FPGA module. It consists Gowin GW1NRF4 Bluetooth FPGA processor, which embeds an 32-bit MCU core, RF circuit for Bluetooth and FPGA, providing high flexibility to customores.

    BLE modules for IoT connectivity

    Traditional Bluetooth 4.x module provides a simple IoT connectivity solution to user.


    With our partner OEM factory, we can also provide PCB level product or even completed product, with our module  inside,  to our customers.